Leaving A Legacy 

                                          “Leaving a Legacy”
True beauty leaves a lasting legacy. If we are showing characteristics of true beauty, then we are going to leave a lasting legacy for those around us. When we choose to love God and others every day, beauty emerges and people will notice. Not only is it going to bring joy to those people, and yourself, but it is going to change your world as well.
The key is to stay intentional with daily decisions to turn to God and follow Him. The more Christ-like we are, the more beautiful we become. It is easy to be like Christ when we are spending time with Him. You act like the people you hang around. So, if we are spending time with God we are naturally going to act like Him.

To leave a lasting legacy we can’t just say godly things, we have to truly live it out. It’s not about what we say as much it is about what we do. We can say our daughter is pretty but when we look in the mirror and speak of how bad we ourselves look, then that is all our daughter will remember. That she must not be pretty because her beautiful mom doesn’t even believe she, herself, is. When our friends start to put themselves down we have to step in and stop the nonsense, not join in. Don’t be a part of the problem, be a part of the solution.

Decide today to choose beauty, true beauty that can only come from God. It starts by making the daily decision to choose God and choose love. It is going to be hard at times but you can push through the pain and lean on our Lord for help. If we do this, we can show true beauty to the world and leave a lasting legacy for years to come. Beauty comes from what you do, not from how you look.



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